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 OBS att texter som är äldre än några dagar gamla ofta spärras för editering, så att länkar hit garanteras referera till det avsedda materialet.
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Bush större hot än terrorismen, enligt USA-amerikaner

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Leif Erlingsson
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PostPosted: Sat, 2005 Oct 08 13:07:39    Post subject: Bush större hot än terrorismen, enligt USA-amerikaner Reply with quote

Denna text är även postad som

Bush större hot än Terrorism

yabosid's log rapporterar 2005-10-07 att en telefonundersökning beställd av CBS News visar att fler amerikaner (5%) anser att Bush är de största problemet för USA just nu medan endast 4% anser att terrorism är det viktigaste problemet för tillfället.
Det vore intressant att få rapporter om hur media bevakar detta - jag hinner själv inte följa med så bra, så alla rapporter om vad som skrivs och sägs i ämnet emottas tacksamt.
Jag vet genom egna kontakter i USA att många människor oberoende av såväl mina egna spekulationer som varandras har känt och uttryckt oro för orsaken till Bushs uttalande nyligen angående att använda militär mot det egna folket i händelse av utbrott av fågelinfluensa.

Allt det följande kommer från en USA-amerikansk politisk men ej partianknuten lista som jag är med på. Jag har själv inte på denna lista uttryckt min egen liknande oro, utan det som följer är spontant:

Pardon My Paranoia

Lawrence Pratt Wed, 5 Oct 2005 10:22:52 -0700 wrote:
Pardon my paranoia but . . . On Tuesday, Pres. Bush asked Congress to consider giving him powers to use the military to enforce quarantine in case of an avian influenza epidemic.

Where, in all that's going on of late did that come from? Especially since Dubya probably can't even spell ``avian influenza epidemic.''

I gotta say that I'm suspicious that he and his crew are setting the stage to put a major lock down on this country that might be used to hijack the 2006 election and perhaps try to use the military to completely dump the 2008 election and enforce the Republicans in power indefinitely.

Surprisingly (or not - maybe just my disappointment) there's been some but very little response to this attempt to expand the use of the military for domestic purposes and no major concern about how, under the guise of protecting the public, democracy could be extinguished in a few very quick moves.

Just for reference, on December 18, 2000 (after the racist hijacking of the election in Florida and the complicity of the Supreme Court) Dubya stated:

``If this (running the country) were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator''

Sue Wed, 5 Oct 2005 17:39:07 EDT wrote:
This concerns me greatly also -- altho I think it has just been proven to us that the military is the ONLY organization in this country that CAN handle a disaster, or has the "smarts" to organize and execute quickly (and the image of "execute" as I type that is a scary pun!!). The military has amazed and fascinated me -- I understand fully what takes place in order to create the "machine", but what that machine has been called upon to do over the years, and the way in which they accomplish it (when funded and protected!!!), is truly amazing. Normally, I would welcome the military in any kind of scenario like this -- but I think you have a right to be very scared, Larry. Things are just not "smelling" right in this country in so many ways -- it's very, very frightening.

Mitch Elder Wed, 05 Oct 2005 21:28:40 -0700 wrote:
Well, I hate to add more anxiety to the soup, but...

There has been a push for years to move the military further and further into the private sector, first with drug interdiction, then border patrol and now, disaster relief. Sad to say, these two hurricanes will be blessings for the neocons. It will give them precedence to push further toward a police state, and an excuse to cut federal programs even more.

I know I sound more and more like some kind of survivalist nut or black helicopter conspiracy theorist, but frankly, the more I look at Peak Oil and the economy, I think that the future will look more like 1930s Germany than even 1930s Germany did.
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