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 OBS att texter som är äldre än några dagar gamla ofta spärras för editering, så att länkar hit garanteras referera till det avsedda materialet.
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Overklighetsbubblor = Stanfords Changing Images of Man

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PostPosted: Tue, 2006 Jun 06 4:01:34    Post subject: Overklighetsbubblor = Stanfords Changing Images of Man Reply with quote

Overklighetsbubblor = Stanfords Changing Images of Man

Varför förstår människor inte att 9/11 var iscensatt för att få en förevändning för att starta det tredje världskriget?
Lever människor i overklighetsbubblor programmerade av media?

Hur har det gått till att progrmmera människor?
Skriften heter Changing Images of Man från 1974 utgiven av Stanford

Wolfowitz och ett antal sionister skrev om 11 september 2001 redan ett år tidigare - de skrev om ett nytt Pearl Harbor - "a catastrophic and catalyzing event" - läs mer:
Och läs mer om den politiske filosof som är Wolfowitz läromästare:
Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception
Many neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz are disciples of a philosopher who believed that the elite should use deception, religious fervor and perpetual war to control the ignorant masses.

Varken senare eller tidigare har hus med stålkonstruktioner trillat ihop på grund av bränder - flygbensin ger inte den temperatur som fodras för att få byggnader med en stålkonstruktion att trilla ihop!

Det krävs termit för att skapa den temperatur som krävs för att skapa det smälta stål som hittades under de tre byggnaderna som rassade ihop - World Trade Center 1, 2 och 7. OBS! Nummer 7 träffades aldrig av något flygplan - den byggnaden bara "rasade" - rättare sagt sprängdes!
The next leap in Britain's Aquarian Conspiracy against the United States was the May 1974 report that provided the basis for Ferguson's work. The report is entitled "Changing Images of Man" (contract number URH 489-2150, Policy Research Report No. 414.74), prepared by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Center for the Study of Social Policy, Willis Harman, director. The 319-page mimeographed report was prepared by a team of fourteen researchers and supervised by a panel of twenty-three controllers, including anthropologist Margaret Mead, psychologist B.F. Skinner, Ervin Laszlo of the United Nations, and Sir Geoffrey Vickers of British intelligence.
There is a technical term for this condition. It is called "long range penetration strain." The art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued long range penetration strain was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U. S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research and Rand Corporation, and at least another 150 research institu-tions here in the U.S.

Dr. Kurt Lewin, the scientist who developed this fiendish warfare, has caused the average American patriot to fret over various conspiracy theories, leaving him or her with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, isolated and perhaps even afraid, as he searches, but fails to understand the decay and rot caused by "THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MANKIND," unable to identify or combat the social, moral, economic and political changes he deems undesirable and does not want, yet which increase in intensity on every hand.

Mer om Kurt Lewin:

AMAZON The Aquarian Conspiracy

Mer om The Tavistock Institute:
The English control of this world movement is demonstrated by the ideology of American foundations, which is created by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. In 1921, the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock, the 11th Duke, gave a building to the Institute to study the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I.

Its purpose was to establish the "breaking point" of men under stress, under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare, commanded by Sir John Rawlings-Reese.

Tavistock Institute is headquartered in London, because its prophet, Sigmund Freud, settled here in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England. He was given a mansion by Princess Bonaparte. Tavistock's pioneer work in behavioural science along Freudian lines of "controlling" humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology.

Its network now extends from the University of Sussex to the U.S. through the Stanford Research Institute, Esalen, MIT, Hudson Institute, Heritage Foundation, Center of Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown where State Dept. personnel are trained, US Air Force Intelligence, and the Rand and Mitre corporations. The personnel of the foundations are required to undergo indoctrination at one or more of these Tavistock controlled institutions.

A network of secret groups, the Mont Pelerin Society, Trilateral Commission, Ditchley Foundation, and Club of Rome is conduit for instructions to the Tavistock network.
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