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Olja och Knark bakom 9/11

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PostPosted: Wed, 2006 May 17 15:53:49    Post subject: Olja och Knark bakom 9/11 Reply with quote

5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 9.11 Attack

May 16 2006--Venice,FL. by Daniel Hopsicker

A MadCowMorningNews investigation into the ownership of the DC9 airliner caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico last month has uncovered explosive new details about some of the many lingering mysteries still surrounding the 9.11 attack.

Makram Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, where the biggest overseas money transfer to the terrorists, $70,000 from the UAE., was sent, according to the testimony of FBI agents during the 9.11 Commission hearings.

That the terrorist hijackers spent much time hanging out in Makram Chams' Kwik-Check was independently confirmed by numerous observers, including a local psychiatrist who contacted us recently.

Ask Jack how Gus Boulis became "Abramoff-impaired"

We had initially thought that Makram Chams was probably an Arab operative sent in early to smooth the way for the hijackers.

Then we discovered that Chams had been a PARTNER in 1997 and 1998 in a gambling boat called “Vegas in Venice,” which cleaned up in Venice for two years.

This information only added to our puzzlement. We wondered: Where does an immigrant, bootstrapping himself up in America through the time-tested method of owning a convenience store, get the JUICE to be a partner in a gambling boat?

People kill to get jobs like that in Florida. Just ask Jack Abramoff

As a result of our investigation so far, for example, we will be reporting in our next story that by delving into the relationships between the corporations involved in the 5.5 ton cocaine caper we have been able to uncover evidence of the unmistakable presence, behind the scenes in the scandal, of Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi...

The very same Adnan Khashoggi who has been a force behind a well-financed disinformation campaign billing itself the “9.11 Truth Movement.”

Läs mer om Abramoff och gangsters runt Bush:
The Cabal, pengar, media, vapen, knark, olja, 911

Adnan Khashoggi,Titan Corp,Skyway Communications, 9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,and B
This is obviously not only an ongoing government cover up of 9/11 but also either incompetence beyond belief or outright collusion with 'the enemy' ,including Jeb Bush,that appears to be far right fascists on an international scale.

Fundamentalist Christians united with fundamentalist Muslims and Jews living out some sort of perverted self destructive fanasy.He who lives by religious mythology is in danger of dying or killing others with their religious mythology.Or,are they perhaps like the Nazis, cynically using religious mythology to their own
blood thirsty and perverted ends ?

IraqGate's Adnan Khashoggi appears to be Wally Hilliard connected and we know Khashoggi is both 'Poppy' Bush and Jeb Bush connected !

Rogue State The Covert Op That Ate The World

9/11 's Big Dirty Secret, Trafficking With The Taliban

There is no doubt that petroleum and now obviously drug traffickers were indeed behind 9/11 just as Hopsicker has maintained for some time.Some may be literally far right fundamnentalists,(are there any other kind ?), however W Bush has brought the worst gathering of fascists,fundamentalists and mafiosi characters to ever be assembled since Adolph Hitler himself.

He is no doubt much stupider than Hitler yet those influencing him behind the scenes are as intelligent as they are criminal and they are not only American but European or British such as Tony Blair and his bloody henchmen and Middle Eastern - Saudi as much or more so than Israeli. And we - Americans,Europeans,Arabs,etc., are all endangered by their positions of power although Russia and China must be ecstatic behind the scenes as the Bush administration destroys our military and buries America in debt.

In fact our supposed protectors are either in on the mass murder and rape of innocent people and the planet or they have themselves been duped beyond our wildest imaginations.

Even the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission and its Chairman Christopher Cox swore while he was a Congressman that there were 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq with no proof whatsoever ! And he has himself presided over one of the most corrupt eras of securities fraud in U.S. history TURNING HIS BACK AS U.S. PENNY STOCKS AND EVEN GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED LARGE CAP 'SECURITIES'

SEC Chairman Christoper Cox is responsible for allowing U.S. penny stocks to be used for money laundering in terrorist suspect money laundering states Kuala Lumpur as well as the UAE's Dubai ! He is worse than the Saddam regime he warned us of or lied to us about ! Ask Mr.Cox about Bellador Group or do a google search.

And Tom McMillen,Asa Hutchinson and ex DIA James Woolsey have been involved with a penny stocks, Fortress America that touts itself as a -National Securities' investment yet has offshore accounts.Do 'james woolsey paladin fortress america' google search or read ' Terrorbaggers' in link below.

Even James Dale Davidson,founder of Alexandria, Virginia's National Taxpayers Union and friend to Steve Forbes,Grover Norquist,Richard Mellon Scaife, has at least attempted a Saudi Arabia penny stock scam using two scammy penny stocks,Amenni and Nannaco at least until a siliconinvestor message board alias,'scion' and I made it an issue on the internet.Tom McMillen, Rhodes scholar like Bill Clinton and James Dale Davidson is also implicated in that scam and they should all be subpeonaed.

James Dale Davidson may be behind a fraudulent website called along with Patrick Byrne son of Geico insurance billionaire
Jack Byrne who funded a $1 million anti- John Edwards campaign in the last election all by themselves or with defrauded investor money from their pump and dump fraud.See link to Is NCANS NAANSS,below.

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

Adnan Khashoggi has been charged finally by the SEC for his involvement with the massive penny stock fraud upon America called Genesis Intermedia.Yet the SEC has never brought its own corrupt employees such as ex SEC attorney Brent Baker who covered up for James Dale Davidson, Bill Bonner,and Porter Stansberry of Agora Inc., that run penny stock fraud websites internationally from Agora,Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland and Agora,Inc..Mr.Bonner even corrupts our Congress with a Brit named Wiggans and asks his followers to write to our Congress to read their scammy books.

In effect it was U.S. penny stock shares sold to defrauded investors that that bought that DC-9 busted with over 5 tons of cocaine in Mexico last month ! And it all leads back to both the Republican Party and to our Homeland Security bureaucracy now run by the butcher of Central America,John Negroponte.

From Central America to Iraq
Noam Chomsky

An Exquisite Danger
John Negroponte's Record in Honduras Does not Inspire Confidence About His Appointment as US Ambassador to Iraq

Even the President of Israel Moshe Katsav has been connected in his greed or stupidity in a U.S. penny stock fraud of Btritish-Israeli Michael Zwebner in which money laundering is probably involved as well as a suspect Saudi connected Palestinian,Mohamed Hadid !

Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

Yes folks we are caught up in a world run by petroleun traffickers,drug traffickers,and penny stock con artists from hell - Christian,Islamic and Jewish hell at least - and we may well be the victims of their delusions and greed just like Iraqis whose secular state was overthrown by them ushering in a new era of relgious and international mafiosi terrorism the like the world has never seen.
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