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Bush talar om tredje världskriget och det är ett oljekrig

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PostPosted: Sun, 2006 May 07 1:59:14    Post subject: Bush talar om tredje världskriget och det är ett oljekrig Reply with quote

Bush calls terror fight WWIII - Says Flight 93 "revolt" was first strike
Agence France-Presse | May 6 2006
US President George W. Bush has said the September 11 revolt of passengers against their hijackers on board Flight 93 had struck the first blow of "World War III".

In an interview with the financial news network CNBC, Mr Bush said he had yet to see the recently released film of the uprising, a dramatic portrayal of events on the United Airlines plane before it crashed in a Pennsylvania field.
But he said he agreed with the description of David Beamer, whose son Todd died in the crash, who in a Wall Street Journal commentary last month called it "our first successful counter-attack in our homeland in this new global war, World War III".

Mr Bush said: "I believe that. I believe that it was the first counter-attack to World War III.

KLICKA för att ta reda på mer om Flight 93 på Cooperative Researchs timeline - många mystiska omständigheter omger det här planet.
(Between 10:00-10:06 a.m.): Flight 93 Cell Call Listeners Hear Silence, Strange Sounds
Potential pilots Don Greene and Andrew Garcia.
During this time, there apparently are no calls from Flight 93. Several cell phones that are left on record only silence. For instance, although Todd Beamer does not hang up, nothing more is heard after he puts down the phone, suggesting things are quiet in the back of the plane.
(10:03-10:10 a.m.): Flight 93 Crashes; Seven-Minute Discrepancy on Exact Timing of Crash
(Before 10:06 a.m.): Fighters Trailing Flight 93?
(Before 10:06 a.m.): Witnesses See Flight 93 Flying Erratically and Making Strange Noises
(Before and After 10:06 a.m.): Witnesses See Low-Flying, Small White Jet at Flight 93 Crash
A second plane, described “as a small, white jet with rear engines and no discernible markings,” is seen by at least five witnesses flying low and in erratic patterns, not much above treetop level, over the crash site within minutes of the United flight crashing.

Och här finns mer om mystiken som omger Flight 93
Flight 93: Proof of 9/11 Lies by the US Government and Media
Flight 93: We know it crashed, but not why
The Fabrication of the Flight 93 Myth
How Did Human Remains End Up Miles From Flight 93's Crash Site?
Something Strange about Flight 93

De tidigare världskrigen har också varit oljekrig!
Det handlar om världsherravälde. Det handlar om naturresurser. Det handlar om energi. Det handlar om att lägga beslag på oljan. Och det har det gjort sen slutet av 1800-talet. En avgörande händelse var Sykes-Picot avtalet - som har format mycket av 1900-talets historia. Första världskriget var ett krig om oljan och sen har det fortsatt. Går man till:
så förstår man hur mycket under 1900-talet som är länkat till oljan och Sykes-Picot avtalet.
Och det är inte bara första världskriget som var ett oljekrig
Andra världskriget var också ett oljekrig.

Hitler's mind was set to capture Baku's oil. Even the date of attack was scheduled (September 25, 1942). Anticipating a forthcoming victory, Hitler's generals presented him with a cake of the region-Baku and the Caspian Sea. Delighted, Hitler chose the best piece for himself-Baku.

The Cabal, pengar, media, vapen, knark, olja, 911

Bush Clears the Way for Corporate Domination
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted May 5, 2006.

When George W. Bush says that he wants to spread freedom to every corner of the earth, he means it.

But of course the president that turned Soviet-era gulags into secret CIA prisons in order to do God-knows-what to God-knows-whom isn't talking about individual freedom. He means corporate freedom -- freedom for the great multinationals to extract everything they can from the world's resources and labor without the hindrance of public interest laws, environmental regulations or worker protections.

JH: What is Pax Americana -- the "American Peace" -- and what is it about the original Roman version, Pax Romana, that makes it a poor model to emulate?

AJ: I talk about Pax Americana because that's what members of the administration talk about -- Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Khalilzad, Perle, Zoellick, Bolton. … In fact, there are 16 members of the Bush administration that were also participants in the Project for the New American Century, which was very clear that the U.S. not only has a Pax Americana but should seek to maintain it.


The first constitution that was written had all of Bremer's orders, and it could only be changed by a very complicated process -- it essentially locked the orders in. Then the new constitution for Iraq was supposed to be "of the people." It was drafted by the interim government and put to a popular vote. But it was crafted so that it locked into place the occupation, the economic transformation, the constitutionality of the new oil law -- which the United States had drafted -- and all of the Bremer orders.

Democracy Now! | Antonia Juhasz on The Bush Agenda: Invading the ...
Welcome to Democracy Now! ANTONIA JUHASZ: Thanks for having me, Amy. AMY GOODMAN: And congratulations on this book. ANTONIA JUHASZ: Thank you very much. ...

Och här är Antonia Juhasz blogg:

In Iraq, "it's the oil, stupid."
by Antonia Juhasz, Topeka Capitol Journal January 21st, 2006
Amid all the talk of training Iraqi soldiers, heading off a civil war, and protecting a fledging democracy, one overriding agenda has been ignored in the debate over the timetable for bringing U.S. troops home. President George W. Bush will not withdraw our forces until U.S. oil companies have secure access to Iraq's resources.

Det finns motkrafter i USA - människor mot det tredje världskriget. Och de har gjort en ny film som beskriver hur de kämpar.

4 1/2 minutes which includes the opening narration by Air America Radio host Janeane Garofalo, instrumental music by John Sheldon, and the song, "Not In Our Name Pledge of Resistance" read by poet Saul Williams with music written and performed by DJ Spooky (Paul MIller).
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PostPosted: Sun, 2006 May 07 3:36:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vad gäller Flight 93 finns det mer att kika på:
However, the career NSA operational personnel may be getting squeezed not so much for policy and management differences but because of what they know about the lies of the Bush administration. In addition to the obvious lies about Iraqi WMDs, many personnel are well aware that what occurred on the morning of 911 was not exactly what was reported by the White House. For example, President Bush spoke of the heroic actions of the passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93 over rural Pennsylvania on the morning of 911.

However, NSA personnel on duty at the NSOC that morning have a very different perspective. Before Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania, NSA operations personnel clearly heard on the intercom system monitoring military and civilian communications that the "fighters are engaged" with the doomed United aircraft. NSOC personnel were then quickly dismissed from the tactical area of the NSOC where the intercom system was located leaving only a few senior personnel in place. NSA personnel are well aware that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld did not "misspeak" when, addressing U.S. troops in Baghdad during Christmas last year, said, "the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania." They believe the White House concocted the "passengers-bring-down-plane" story for propaganda value.
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PostPosted: Sun, 2006 May 14 18:49:55    Post subject: Reply with quote,,13130-2177868,00.html
The Times May 13, 2006

Rothschilds seek black gold in the Black Sea
From Julian Evans in Moscow
THE Rothschild family is to return to the oil business in the former Soviet Union, a century after its hasty exit before the Russian Revolution. It has joined Vanco, a Texas-based oil company, to win a tender from the Ukrainian Government to drill for oil in the Black Sea.

The investment is being made by JNR Eastern Investment (which stands for Jacob and Nathaniel Rothschild), the Rothschilds’ Eastern European investment company.

JNR and Vanco have pledged to invest a minimum of £60 million in exploration, although Ukraine says that these costs are likely to be nearer £400 million — and if large oil or gas deposits are found, investment costs could reach as much as £1.5 billion.
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